Filtering tests based on browsers in NUNIT

1.Test Explorer (Able to run single browser test)

TestClass: SampleClass Test Fixture: Tests("chrome), Tests("edge"), Tests("chromeheadless") ( i can run this in test explorer seperately) Tests: SampleMethod(parameter1,parameter2,parameter3..parameter40)

  1. CommandPrompt(Not able to trigger single browser test)

dotnet test SampleProject.dll --tests SampleClass.Tests("chrome").SampleMethod (This is running all the browser mentioned in the fixture, I want to run only single browser)

I tried multiple combinations using filter not able to run it. I can run the test method but it runs the single method on all browsers.

For more explanation: Our tests require the browser change should happen from config.json so that we can select if we want to run chrome or edge or Firefox. I am getting the browser dynamically so when i run the tests using console with the following command

dotnet test SampleProject.dll --filter SampleMethodSampleMethod

It runs for whatever browsers listed in config file, if I list chrome and edge it runs chrome and edge. But I want to run single chrome or edge browser tests? So I was asking if there is any possibility?

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