How to resolve Error in Nunit gui that is not initialising ECOM Configuration

I am new to Nunit gui test framework. I want to run my test written in c# language. I have one library project for unit testing. I have given reference to that Nunit gui.exe file and every this works fine. Some samples test also run fine.

Now I have one c# class which is pretty complex. And referring to some dll files

And getting this error message and tests are not running.

Initializing ECOM Configuration

Looking for ECOM config file as command line parameter -ecconfig:name_of_config_file

Looking for ECOM config file as app setting "ecconfig" in .NET config file

Looking for default ecom config file "ecom.config"

ECOM config file does not exist:


No ECOM config file found - using app domain config


Failed to find EC Configuration root

LogProvider not defined in application config file

I tried to find why this Ecom configuration message is comming. I some where read that it is because of paths issue can any one please help me I am really stuck. Don't have any clue how to proceed forward.

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