How to select a value from the populated list using document query selector in browser console?

I am trying to automate my application using a JavaScript function. Below is a screenshot of the what the dropdown looks like in the application and I would like to select one of the option using the document.querySelector() method.

Drowpdown screenshot

I need some help on that. A CSS selector for the option is also shared below.

document.querySelector("body > app-root > app-qc-route > app-qc > div > app-workspace-outlet > app-workspace-split-layout > ap-split-pane > div:nth-child(1) > app-workspace-outlet > app-workspace-vertical-layout > app-workspace-outlet:nth-child(1) > app-workspace-split-layout > ap-split-pane > div:nth-child(2) > app-workspace-outlet > app-workspace-tabs-panel > ap-tab-view > ap-tab-content:nth-child(4) > app-qc-marker-tab > div > ap-scroll-area > app-marker-form > div > ap-json-forms").shadowRoot.querySelector("ap-dispatch-renderer > ap-layout-renderer").shadowRoot.querySelector("div > div:nth-child(1) > ap-dispatch-renderer > ap-autocomplete-control-renderer").shadowRoot.querySelector("#\\\\\\#\\\\\\/properties\\\\\\/name").shadowRoot.querySelector("#option-0")
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