Maximum Bipartite graph

This is for an assignment.

Suppose there are n number of students and m sections of a course offered. A student can actually join at most one section. A student can possibly attend only a subset of the m sections due to time constraints. Some students maybe free during two or three sections while others maybe free during all sections. Each section also has a limit on the number of students it can accept.

The goal is to assign students to sections so that as many students as possible are assigned a section.

I understand this can be solved with maximum bipartite matching with students on one side and courses on the other side. Students converge at a source node and courses converge a target node. Since each student can attend at most one section, the edge capacity is also a 1.

But i am a little lost on the other details.

How do you design an algorithm to solve this? What is the structure of the graph?

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