Using Moq to Mock KeyVaultClient for Unit Test C#

I am trying to mock the KeyVaultClient using mock so that my unit test won't depend on my Azure KeyVault service when I run the test. Is there any code similar to what I used to mock the SecretClient?

// Create a page of enumeration results
Page<SecretProperties> secretResponsePage = Page<SecretProperties>.FromValues(
    new[] {
              new SecretProperties("secret1"),
              new SecretProperties("secret2"),
              new SecretProperties("secret3"),
            continuationToken: null,

// Create a pageable that consists of a single page
AsyncPageable<SecretProperties> pageable = AsyncPageable<SecretProperties>.FromPages(new[] { secretResponsePage });

// Setup a client mock object to return the pageable when GetPropertiesOfSecretsAsync is called
var clientMock = new Mock<SecretClient>();
     clientMock.Setup(c => c.GetPropertiesOfSecretsAsync(It.IsAny<CancellationToken>()))

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  • answered 2022-04-13 05:23 Deep

    As suggested by Hyden:

    Moq can only mock methods that are marked as virtual or interfaces. I suggest wrapping SecretClient in your own class, and create your own interface from it.

    You can try this example of Mock<SecretClient>():

    // Create a mock response
    var mockResponse = new Mock<Response>();
    // Create a mock value
    var mockValue = SecretModelFactory.KeyVaultSecret(
        SecretModelFactory.SecretProperties(new Uri(""))
    // Create a client mock
    var mock = new Mock<SecretClient>();
    // Setup client method
    mock.Setup(c => c.GetSecret("Name", null, default))
        .Returns(Response.FromValue(mockValue, mockResponse.Object));
    // Use the client mock
    SecretClient client = mock.Object;
    KeyVaultSecret secret = client.GetSecret("Name");

    You can refer to How to unit test with Moq the Azure Key Vault, Create Unit Test for a function in C# that uses SecretClient.GetSecret function and Unit testing and mocking with Azure SDK .NET

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