Widget Discrepencies with Free Elementor?

-I am using WordPress successfully, and free version Elementor too, so I won't include all my system specs here. They are clearly not the problem. So I will proceed with my question.

When running a free Elementor page in my smartphone, I have been using the SimpleMenu. In my menu, there are only entries in the menu itself, horizontally, and no pulldown menus or pulldown items. When I go from using the Page on my widescreen PC to my smartphone, the menu collapses into a menu with a Hamburger button, which contains one pulldown menu with items for all my previous entries. I can justify all the text entries for all my menu items. But the problem is that my pulldown menu is too wide going to the right or left, and I can find no setting, nor does there seem to be any defaulting one or any logic, to limit the length of all pulldown menu items to the maximum length of the longest entry, while centering the entire pulldown menu graphic. What can I do with my SimpleMenu, to minimise the length of my resulting pulldown menu to stop earlier on the right hand side, so that it is centred entirely beneath the hamburger button, and so that its width is minimised? Is there some css injection code, or is this a bug that Elementor can update and send out an update signal for into WordPress?

enter image description here

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