Trying to get a Pi (with Volumio) to connect to my wifi hotspot

So I know this is involved with the Volumio OS, but I was hoping to reach any proficient Linux/Pi users that know how to mess with the supplicant.conf file and things I should look for when connecting a Pi to my phones hotspot. I don't get a lot of help on Volumio forums, I have my CCNA, and know some coding methods. I really want to get my home project working, so that's why I'm asking here.

I basically have not been able to get my pi to connect to only my hotspot. Currently it works if I have my hotspot on, and connect to my home wifi. I used journtalctl commands and found something that looks weird:

When I connect to my phone hotspot, I see it goes through the handshake steps, checks for the proper key, it says “connected to: Pixel 5”, “key negotiation completed”, “send eapol packet, recv eapol packet”, Once it gets to association it says " association success", Then: “rtw_cfg80211_indicates_connect(wlan0) BSS not found !!” then it has another association success, with it basically looking like it fails saying “Trying to associate with (instert my AP MAC ADDR)” I have not been able to use Wireshark but I think it's failing to associate. Is that what this looks like? I’ve never had an association issue before. Another weird thing is when I command “sudo iwconfig” it says “security mode: open” not sure if that is supposed to show my wifi encryption method instead?

It's really late so, tomorrow I will borrow a friends phone, because I'm not sure it's working completely with my phone.

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