prometheus with node_exporter sidecar openshift

I tried to deploy prometheus pod with node_exporter sidecar but when I use the volumeMounts on sidecar node_exporter container it gives me "Multi-attach error" cannot mount or no bound. I want to use node-exporter belong with all my pods/apps in order to have usage disk metrics, in openshift we don't have any pvc disk usage monitoring metrics and is very annoying.

my yaml.config:

    - args:
        - '--config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml'
        - '--web.enable-lifecycle'
        - /bin/prometheus
      image: ${DOCKER_REPOSITORY}/prom/prometheus:v2.0.0
      imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
      name: prometheus
        - containerPort: 9090
          protocol: TCP
      terminationMessagePath: /dev/termination-log
      terminationMessagePolicy: File
        - mountPath: /prometheus
          name: prometheus-data
        - mountPath: /etc/prometheus
          name: prometheus-configmap
      imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
      name: node-exporter-sidecar
        - containerPort: 9100
          protocol: TCP
        - mountPath: /prometheus
          name: prometheus-data
     - kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
       apiVersion: v1
         name: prometheus-ls-data
         accessModes: [ "ReadWriteOnce" ]
             storage: "${PV_SIZE}"
         storageClassName: "cinder-performant"

4 answers

  • answered 2022-04-21 13:24 Manmohan Mittal

    Node exporter is deployed as part of default openshift monitoring stack and its lifecycle is managed by cluster-monitoring-operator. It is deployed as a daemonset and runs as pod on each node to extract its metrics.

    Have you installed or deployed default prometheus monitoring stack in your cluster if not you just need to deploy the default stack and node exporter will be installed as part of that.

  • answered 2022-04-21 21:58 Manmohan Mittal

    Following Prometheus Metrics are exposed as part of default openshift monitoring stack ( as Kubelet Target ) . you can use this to calculate the usage of your pvs .

    kubelet_volume_stats_available_bytes kubelet_volume_stats_capacity_bytes kubelet_volume_stats_inodes kubelet_volume_stats_inodes_used

    Cant you see the above metrics in your prometheus instance.

  • answered 2022-04-23 08:35 Manmohan Mittal

    In openshift 3.9 volume metrics are exposed by prometheus as below

    enter image description here

    So search for these metrics.

  • answered 2022-04-23 09:11 Petrisor Petrisor

    enter image description here

    Please see the volume metrics i have in the cluster from the Prometheus

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