Flutter Snap and Android Development on Linux

I am currently using ubuntu 21.10 and have flutter, java, Android Studio,Visual Studio Code installed. I can build android fine. I can run desktop versions of it. When it comes to building a snap, that is a different story. I once tried to build a desktop app by following the instructions here.

After following the instructions I ran the "snapcraft" and my computer pretty much exploded. It kept installing java and flutter and went into some infinite loop until i ran out of space on my computer (and I also have to pay for data too).

I'm wondering what went wrong? I used the multipass method. I'm not sure what that is or the alternative for LXD.

I have installed android studio, java, and flutter by using the download package methods and not snap. Was that the problem? When I first tried flutter, it did not work with snap, so I prefer not to. I wish there was a simple way to do this, like making a windows exe in flutter, etc.

I can make electron-builder snaps quite easy as well and have uploaded to the store. It was very simple. I'm wondering why things are so complex with flutter?

Any solutions? I would like to rebuild my dev machine in the next few days. I'm thinking of using the snap installs of java, flutter, android studio, instead.

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