Using grafana counter to visualize weather data

I'm trying to visualize my weather data using grafana. I've already made the prometheus part and now I face an issue that hunts me for quite a while.

I created an counter that adds temperature indoor every five minutes.

var tempIn = prometheus.NewCounter(prometheus.CounterOpts{
    Name: "tempin",
    Help: "Temperature indoor",

for {

How can I now visualize this data that it shows current temperature and stores it for unlimited time so I can look at it even 1 year later like an normal graph?

tempin{instance="localhost:9999"} will only display added up temperature so its useless for me. I need the current temperature not the added up one. I also tried rate(tempin{instance="localhost:9999"}[5m])

How to solve this issue?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-04-24 19:40 Sergio Santiago

    Although a counter is not the best solution for this use case, you can use the operator increase.


    This will tell you how much the counter increased in the last five minutes

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