Will software abstraction continue to happen forever?

tldr: hardware -> aws -> cloudformation -> cdk/terraform. The world is continuously goingt towards abstraction. Does it make sense to keep learning abstraction layer softwares/frameworks indefinitely ?

I'm a DevOps engineer with past experience in web development. I have used quite a lot of programming languages, their frameworks, then there were frameworks of frameworks.

Moving to DevOps, there was Iac (infrastructure as code), then there are managers for iac (terraform cloud - I know it's a silly example, but you get the idea).

Moving towards code from processed (physical/others) is a huge step & I am in favour of it. There are some frameworks which are extremely useful e.g. rails. They are actually more of a "FREE" product.

Every year more and more frameworks/wrappers are created. And they are useful.

Terraform changed the way I looked at infrastructure. Or rather the way I look at the world all together.

Code The World

But should we really keep learning new frameworks every year throughout our life ? I feel like I'm doing the same thing every year. Just the names change. Pattern is the same.

Does anyone else feel the way I do ? I feel like the task of learning some "complicated" yet "useful" stuff is ROBOTIC after a while. (BTW I'm 26).

I feel like there should be some computer which could do these things for me. Look forward to hearing how you feel about it.

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