Angular-App running with github pages /docs cant find assets

Im trying to host my angular app with github pages.

I build a /docs folder with the command

ng build --output-path docs --base-href /portfolio/


The /assets folder which contains images and the translation-keys for the ngx/translate can't be found.

The /assets folder is at /portfolio/src/assets as usual and I also added it to the /docs folder.

Thats the path I use to call the pictures:


At localhost its working fine.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-04-28 13:52 rohithpoya

    You can build by using the below command

    ng build --output-path docs --base-href

    You should give the complete path for the base href.


    Also please add path for the image like this

    <img class="flag" src="assets/images/flags/de.png">

    Your image is showing in the below path,

    Attaching screenshot,

    enter image description here

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