Setting colors by factor in country map in R (raster package)

I am trying to assign each region of Kenya a color according to the vector with colors I made. I have already made a vector with colors as elements and region names as names. I think I have already everything I need, but I simply don´t know how to assign those colors to the right region. I only used data from the raster package and a numerical vector called:

This is the data I´d like to use to color the map


Kenya = getData("GADM", country = "Kenya", level = 1)
Kpoly <- Kenya@polygons

ggplot(fortify(Kenya), aes(long, lat, group = group, fill = id)) + 
  geom_polygon() + theme_void() + coord_equal() +
  scale_fill_manual("Kenya - Z score by region", 
                    values = colors_map,
                    labels = colfac2)

This is the closest I got.

I already tried to play with the parameters, but I can´t quite get the result I want.

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