NodeJS prometheus metrics and grafana false metrics peaks

i am experiencing really strange behavior with prometheus and grafana. It seems like when prometheus gets under load from grafana e.g. when changing date range to larger or refreshing the graphs after longer time, it generates false metrics, it directly affects the data that prometheus has, as it can be retrieved changed also directly in prometheus.

metrics peaks I am using basic promQL nothing special e.g. The metrics I am using are custom, created in node.js by prom-client.

avg(rate(udp_uplink_receive_duration_seconds_bucket{ success="true"}[1h]))

But as it can be seen on all of the graphs it looks like something affects all the metrics when under load.

prometheus settings

  scrape_interval:     5s
  evaluation_interval: 30s
- job_name: nodejs 
  - targets: ['...']

there is definitely nothing generating the data from the apps.

any help what to check? is there any config i am missing ?

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