Problem with launching my app on Android Emulator (both Visual Studio and Android Studio)

I first tried to run the Xamarin.Forms project in Visual Studio (but the same problem is in Android Studio). I create "Hello World" on Xamarin.Forms and when I run it, it starts the emulator and then there is only Android System on the emulator, but no my program. Then I tried to start emulator first, it doesn't work at all. Then I tried in Android Studio. I created a project and I want to run it in Android Studio and the same happen... I tried on diffrent computer but it didn't work in the same way...

I have recorded all my steps. You can watch it here:

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-01 12:13 Marcin

    OK. Solved.

    I just installed new emulator. Google Pixel 5. Then from Visual Studio Device Manager I have installed x86_x64.

    And when I started emulator from Device Manager it began to work.

    I have tried 5 hours to start this emulator and now it is ok.

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