Simple Machine Learning model for 3 integer inputs to 1 float output from small dataset

I need a simple model that takes 3 integers and gives back a floating point number from a dataset of 50 rows. The dataset looks like

x0, x1, x2,  y
10,  1,  1,  1.0
11,  2,  1,  1.0
11,  4,  7,  0.1
36,  4, 23,  0.8

where x0, x1, x2 is the input set and y is the output. I just want to be able to estimate the y for new values of x where x will contain values within the bounds of the training set.

What should I use? Something like linear regression in sklearn?

Edit 1 Thanks for @Dieter's suggestion to plot it in 3d using




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