How to translate and update Azure Cognitive Search Index document for different Language Analyzer fields?

I am working on configuration of Azure Cognitive Search Index which will be queried from websites in different languages. I have created language specific fields and have added appropriate language analyzers while Index creation. For example:

    "id": "",
    "Description": "some_value",
    "Description_es": null, 
    "Description_fr": null,
    "Region": [ "some_value", "some_value" ],
    "SpecificationData": [
            "name": "some_key1",
            "value": "some_value1",
            "name_es": null,
            "value_es": null,
            "name_fr": null,
            "value_fr": null
            "name": "some_key2",
            "value": "some_value2",
            "name_pt": null,
            "value_pt": null,
            "name_fr": null,
            "value_fr": null

The fields Description, and SpecificationData.value are in English and coming from Cosmos DB. Fields Description_es, SpecificationData.name_es and SpecificationData.value_es will be queried from the Spanish website and should be fields translated in Spanish. And similar for the French language fields. But since, Cosmos DB is having fields only in English, language specific fields such as Description_es, SpecificationData.name_es and SpecificationData.value_es are Null by default. I have tried using Skillsets and linking Index to "Azure Cognitive Translate Service" but Skillsets are translating only one field at a time. Is there any way to translate multiple fields and save the specific translation in particular fields?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-02 18:20 Bertrand Le Roy

    You could use a text merge skill first to merge all the fields you want to translate if you wanted to get one big merged translation field for each language. That probably wouldn't fit your exact scenario though since you said you still wanted separate fields as the output. To keep them separate, I think you'll have to translate them one by one, with one translation skill per field and language. There's no problem in having more than one translation skill in a skillset so that should work fine, it just may be a little tedious to setup.

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