How to add scroll to x-axis displaying date in Charticulator?

I am trying to make a specific form of gantt-chart in Charticulator for display in Power BI. The diagram consists of:

X-axis: Start datetime for the assignment Y-axis: group member Width of mark: Number of minutes assignment is estimated for Color of mark: Type of assignment

See example

Here's the problem: As soon as I tick off the "Allow Scroll" for X-axis, all data marks disappears, and the settings for the axis changes to seemingly only have data for one day. The glyph also becomes blank with the text "to edit this glyph please add a plot segment to it", even though I just had a plot segment before selecting "Add scroll". This is only a problem for data with datetime, not if I change it to a string, which unfortunately would create other issues.

Before adding scroll

After adding scroll

Does anyone have a fix to create a x-axis with datetime with scroll?

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