how to access neo4j apoc uuid as a string?

I am trying to use apoc.create.uuid() in nodejs for the first time. In the neo4j browser I can see that the result is a string like this:


...but in node it appears as:


this is the cypher query:

MATCH (r:Race {race_id: $race_id})
MATCH (m:Member)-[v:HAS_VOTED]->(b)-[vr:FOR_RACE]->(r)
RETURN {votes:v.voter_choice}

console.log(JSON.stringify(result.records[0])) produces: [[{"votes":"\ta1d0d202-b585-4130-ba96-4c75ca4860ca"},{"votes":"\ta1d0d202-b585-4130-ba96-4c75ca4860ca"},{"votes":"\ta1d0d202-b585-4130-ba96-4c75ca4860ca"},{"votes":"\ta1d0d202-b585-4130-ba96-4c75ca4860ca"},{"votes":"bd607ccd-85be-4b78-9d6e-89cbbb087d01"},{"votes":"bd607ccd-85be-4b78-9d6e-89cbbb087d01"},{"votes":"bd607ccd-85be-4b78-9d6e-89cbbb087d01"},{"votes":"bd607ccd-85be-4b78-9d6e-89cbbb087d01"},{"votes":"bd607ccd-85be-4b78-9d6e-89cbbb087d01"}]].

This is also not consistent across all return values...not all has this extra 2 leading characters. I am really not sure what causes this but I need these values to be consistent for comparison purposes. Can anyone explain what is going on here?

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