How to output valid lat-long GeoJSON from WKB using django.gis.geos.GEOSGeomety?

I have a database that has geometry attributes in the WKB format:


I am using django.gis.geos GEOSGeometry in order to get the MultiPoint coordinates:

    goem = "010400000001000000010100000035553113AC38F64062B44D0A97951A41"
    x = GEOSGeometry(geom)
    print(x.json) //output { "type": "MultiPoint", "coordinates": [ [ 91018.754685719337431, 435557.760062044602819 ] ] }

I also have a flyto map function that works with latitude and longitude but does not work with the format presented above:

        //working version
        latitude = 51.91648
        longitude = 4.45246

        map.flyTo([latitude, longitude], 11.5, {
            animate: false,
            duration: 0 // in seconds

        //not working version. How is possible to translate these 2 coordinates in latitude and longitude
//        coordinateA = 91018.754685719337431
//        coordinateB = 435557.760062044602819
//        map.flyTo([coordinateA, coordinateB], 11.5, {
//            animate: false,
//            duration: 0 // in seconds
//          });

Is there any way to compute the latitude and longitude based on the coordinates that come out of GEOSGeometry?

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