prometheus aggregate series produced by an arithmetic operator

I'm trying to aggregate (sum) a new series that's from an arithmetic operator.

I have

seriesA * seriesB

which produces a new series that's multiplication of seriesA and seriesB

but when I do

sum_over_time(seriesA * seriesB[1h])

it returns no data, tried putting parentheses between but still no data.

Is there a way to aggregate a new series from arithmetic operator of two series?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 06:52 Bill Chung

    Thanks to Michael Doubez's comment

    subqueries did the trick:

    sum_over_time((seriesA * seriesB)[1h:])

    and on grafana the $__range also works, i.e.,

    sum_over_time((seriesA * seriesB)[$__range:])

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