copying rows(live Data) on specific sheets in set of interval time

I've been trying many ways for copying a range of rows that updates automatically (Linked Excel with Interactive Broker app for Stocks ) the point is i need to copy the rows at end of each hours or end of day ( each symbol on it's specific sheet ) and the copy as values so i can come back on the end of week to make studies on the objects My example :

Let's say that my market watch and I need to take a copy of each of the symbol and copying on the specific sheet ( on set of intervals time ( hours , end of day 4:00 P.M for example )

enter image description here

see symbol : TASI

I need from excel to copying as a value the all rows and pasting on the specific sheet for ( TASI ) then on the end of next hour take another copy and pasting on the next embty cells and so on

enter image description here

I read about (on_time Function on VBA ) But I Think I need more help from You gentles for more solutions

Thank you

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