Select nodes based on a keyword or phrase using Full-text search index not working

My DB has around 2 million nodes(10 different types of nodes) and 3 million relationships in total.


I want to run a query on the DB and select a set of nodes (similar type) based on the presence of a keyword(or phrase) in one of their fields called 'Description'.

'Description' field is plaintext (around 10 lines of text). So, I tried to make a Full-text search index on this field using the following command.

CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX Descriptions FOR (n:Nodename) ON EACH [n.Description]

This command completes after only 1 second without any errors, and I can see the newly created index in the list of indexes. But when I try to run my query, nothing returns. I guess there is something wrong with the index because I believe index creating should take some time in a massive DB like mine.

I used the following command to search and return the nodes:

CALL db.index.fulltext.queryNodes("Descriptions", "Keyword or Phrase") YIELD node, score
RETURN node.Description, score

No records were retrieved after the above command, but I am sure that I have hundreds of matches in my DB. Any idea about this problem? Or any other solution for a fuzzy text search on a field based on a keyword/phrase?

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