How to rerun ADF from Failed Pipeline Activity within conditional?

I have a Pipeline that has failed to run on an activity that sits inside of an "If Condition".

It seems possible to rerun the Pipeline from the If but as there are multiple activities that sit inside this (prior to the failed); ideally I would want to rerun the pipeline from the actual failed one.

Is this possible?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-05 06:12 RakeshGovindula-MT

    It is possible to rerun the pipeline from the point of failure. Azure Data Factory allows you to rerun the activities inside your pipeline. It is your choice to rerun the entire pipeline or to rerun downstream from a particular activity inside your data factory pipelines.

    Please refer this Official Microsoft blog to learn more about re-running pipeline from a particular activity.

    Please find the similar ask on MS Q&A:

    ADF rerun or restart from point of failure - Microsoft Q&A

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