Mule Database connector Cursor Based Pagination

I'm trying to implement cursor based pagination into a Mule application.

My application is to make a call to the database with 100 rows and I want to receive the first 20 with a 'token' to the next 20 until I reach the 100.

I can't find any documentation regarding cursor based pagination on Mule to help me out.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 13:23 aled

    You can use the 'Fetch Size' attribute of the Select operation to specify how many records to fetch at a time from the results of a query. However if you mean to have pagination across requests to your application, which means different executions of the database operation, then you will probably need to use whatever pagination features the SQL dialect of your database provides. There is no 'persistent cursor' that can be reused across flow invocations in the Database connector.

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