After test:report:chrome Report generation done, Terminal not closing the instance, it keeps running

I am using protector, selenium for running the UI automation.

For chrome driver I am using webdriver-manager for testing the UI Automation. It run successfully, browser also close but it keeps running the terminal instance can anyone help me on this?

config.directConnect = false;
        config.seleniumAddress = "";
        config.capabilities.chromeOptions = chromeOptions = {
          args: [
          ].concat(isCI ? ["--headless"] : []), // run in headless mode on the CI server
          prefs: {
            "download.default_directory": downloadDir
        config.serenity = {
          outputDirectory: `${process.cwd()}/test_reports_chrome`,
          runner: "cucumber",
          crew: [
            Photographer.whoWill(TakePhotosOfInteractions), // or Photographer.whoWill(TakePhotosOfFailures),
            new SerenityBDDReporter()

Terminal Instance

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