How can I design my database to efficiently store routes?

I'm using a MySQL database to store analytics information from users. One of the things I'm analyzing is routes taken. So for instance the 'route': page A -> page B has been taken 45 times today. What would be a clever way to store this in my database. Right now I have one table where there is a row for each day, and a column for each route. Dynamically I'm adding more columns as more routes are taken.

datetime A>B A>C B>A
2022-01-01 45 23 55
2022-01-02 46 15 85
2022-01-03 23 19 Null

As I'm inexperienced I'm pretty sure this is not a very clever way of doing this, anyone has some advice? One problem is that I end up with a lot of columns and also I have a lot of Null values.

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