Error when moving file with react-native-fs, file already exist

I am trying to move an image to the library using react-native-fs in iOS

const originalPath = "/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/7EB7B0CB-FCA8-49EE-843A-04BBB0B286B1/tmp/ReactNative/E70143FD-21A8-42AA-BFD2-A8FA45D7D93A.png"

const destinationPath = RNFS.LibraryDirectoryPath + "/kj3.jpg";

        RNFS.moveFile(screenShotPath, destinationPath).then((data) => {
        }).catch((err) => {
            throw err

The destination path in this case is


I get an error

Error: “E70143FD-21A8-42AA-BFD2-A8FA45D7D93A.png” couldn’t be moved to “Library” because an item with the same name already exists.

I also get the same error when I try to copy the file.

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