TCL how to shorten sentence

I have a sentence let's say : {This is my test sentence} And I would like to shorten by 3 characters at the end like this : {This is my test sente}

Here is what I do in TCL language :

set sentence "This is my test sentence"
set remove "3"
set newSentence [string range $sentence 0 end-$remove]

and here is what I get : "This"

I've tried with

set sentence {This is my test sentence}

and it is even worth because I got an error message "failed: unmatched open brace in list"

Can someone have an idea where I am wrong ? Or may be how I can shorten a string whatever spaces inside it ? Thank you by advance for your help

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 10:45 vech

    Finally got it, I had to force it as a list :

    set newSentence [list [string range $sentence 0 end-$remove]]

    It seems my engine over interprete the output value.

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