networkx position (biggest) nodes in the middle of a graph

I've been creating graphs with the networkx package and everything works fine. I would like to make the graphs even better by placing the bigger nodes in the middle of the graph and the layout functions from networkx does not seem to do the job. The nodes represent the size of degree (the higher connected the node, the bigger).

Is there any way to program these graphs in such a way that the bigger nodes are positioned in the middle? It does not have to be automated, i could also manually choose the nodes and give them the middle position but i can also not find how to do this.

If this is not possible with networkx or something else; is there any way to do it with Gephi or cytoscape? I had trouble with Gephi that it does not import the graph the same way i see it in my jupyter notebook (the colors, the node- and edge-sizes do not import).

To summarize; i want to put bigger nodes in the middle of my graph but i dont mind how i get it done (with networkx, matplotlib or whatever).

Unfortunately i cannot provide my actual graphs but here is an example which can look like one of my graphs; it is a directed weighted graph.

    G = nx.gnp_random_graph(15, 0.2, directed=True)
    d = dict('weight'))
    d = {k: v/10 for k, v in d.items()}
    edge_size = [(float(i)/sum(weights))*100 for i in weights]
    node_size = [(v*1000) for v in d.values()]
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