Here Maps Telematics TOLLS API - specifying roundtrip

I am working with Telematics API to calculate the toll costs. Can I please ask if anyone has used or aware if there is a special parameter to denote one way or round trip. I am using waypoints to represent round trip as in waypoint0 = source, waypoint1=destination, waypoint2=source to represent my round trip. The values returned are high compared to the ones indicated by local teams who use that toll regularly As example 59.9133301,10.7389701 -> 60.6244351,11.3831208 -> 59.9133301,10.7389701 shows 816 NOK but real value is only 660. A one way from 59.9133301,10.7389701 -> 60.6244351,11.3831208 shows 340 NOK which may be right

So is there another way on API to ask for toll cost combined for both directions?

Thank you for your assistance

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