Newlines/Non-printable characters are visible

I am using gradle to download a Android localization.
I am parsing the resulting XML with groovy.util.XMLParser.
I want to write the content of a particular node into a separate file, because it contains HTML and Android does not allow storing too long strings in regular resource files.

When I extract the HTML and display it in Android, \n and unicode control blocks such as \u0020 are visible. What am I missing here?

            // parsing android strings resource file and extract privacy policy html document
            def resources = new XmlParser().parse(new File(buildDir,s[1]))
            def privacyPolicyNode = resources.find { node ->
                (node.attribute("name") == "privacy_policy_txt")
            def fileForPrivacyPolicy = new File(buildDir,s[2])
            if(!fileForPrivacyPolicy.exists()) {
            def localizedString = privacyPolicyNode.text()
            println localizedString
            def writer = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(new File(buildDir,s[2])))

The particular string entry looks like this :

And I am loading the HTML like this:

val htmlString = resources.openRawResource(R.raw.privacy_policy).bufferedReader().readText()
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