Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline deployment to Azure App Service fails (.Net 6 Blazor Server)

There is a working Linux-hosted Azure App Service with a created service principal. I would like to connect it with the Bitbucket repo.

For reference I use the following script: microsoft/azure-web-apps-deploy:1.0.4

Everything is working except the last step:

Status: Downloaded newer image for mspipes/azure-web-apps-deploy:1.0.4 INFO: Signing in... az login --service-principal --username $AZURE_APP_ID --password $AZURE_PASSWORD --tenant $AZURE_TENANT_ID ERROR: No subscriptions were found for '$AZURE_APP_ID'. If this is expected, use '--allow-no-subscriptions' to have tenant level accesses INFO: Starting deployment to Azure app service... az webapp deployment source config-zip --resource-group webcdlm-prod-rg-brazilsouth --name bscdlm --src ERROR: Please run 'az login' to setup the account.

Can you tell me how to pass the "use '--allow-no-subscriptions'" parameter, because I can't see any options. Or is there anything I can update in the Azure App Service or service principal?

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