Push All Local Files of Repository to Remote

I have local repository (managed with Git) which contains all the older versions of my project and now I want to upload it to GitLab (GL) and SourceTree (ST). I created my project in the GL with link like https://gitlab.com/myusername/myproject.

I used ST to push all my branches and tags to the origin i.e. GL repo https://gitlab.com/myusername/myproject.git.

To verify, I cloned the repo in a demo local repo and compared the sizes and number of files of original loacal repo & demo repo and found out that there is huge difference between the two.

I doubt that files of only latest commit or checked out branch and history of revisions are uploaded to GL (and not local files related to older revisions/commits which are present in hidden folder in the local repo because I can't see them on the server in my remote repo).

How can I sync/upload all files of all commits to the remote so that I can backup of my repo in case anything happens to my local repo.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

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