Change datestamp in SQL to new format

What is the best way to convert a date from

2022-04-19 12:00 to 4/19/2022 12:00 AM

This is the code im using for the YYYYMMDD but would like it to be the other way

, aa.description Contact_Channel
,manager_login_lvl_1 tm
,manager_login_lvl_2 gm

from bsinsight.FACT_FOLLOW_UPS_RESCHD_EU ffr
left join bsinsight.dim_agents da on ffr.agent_skey = da.agent_skey
left join bsinsight.dim_sites ds on ds.site_skey = ffr.site_skey
left join bsinsight.dim_cs_routing_skills dcrs on ffr.routing_skill_skey = dcrs.routing_skill_skey 
and ffr.marketplace_skey = dcrs.marketplace_skey
left join bsinsight.dim_day dd on ffr.fp_creation_date_utc_skey = dd.CAL_DAY_SKEY
LEFT JOIN bsinsight.dim_contact_type aa on aa.contact_type_skey = ffr.contact_type_skey

where ffr.marketplace_skey in (35)
and UPPER(ds.site_rollup) in ('ISSITE')
and lower(dcrs.datt_hierarchy_name)='customer'
and trunc (ffr.creation_datetime_utc) between TO_DATE('{RUN_DATE_YYYYMMDD}','YYYYMMDD')-8 AND TO_DATE('{RUN_DATE_YYYYMMDD}','YYYYMMDD')-1
AND is_resolved = 0 

group by 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Many thanks

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