How to identify from where it got trigger

I have two trigger point one is edit icon and other is add save button . on click on edit iocn and save button one model get open . model is same for both .

I want to make back focus on click on (x) icon of model from where it got trigger . how should i identify from where it got trigger from edit iocn or from add save button . and how to back focus on them ?

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 12:13 Mahri Ilmedova

    One way you could do this by passing a value into your function. Let me make it clear by following example.

    So there are two buttons

    <button onclick="myFunction('edit')">Edit</button>
    <button onclick="myFunction('save')">Save</button>

    and Javascript function will look something like this

        function myFunction(event_type){
            if(event_type == 'edit'){
                //your further code for edit event goes here
                //if event_type is not edit, then it's obviously save event
                //so your further code for save event goes here 

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