Accessing A Python Module + General Library/Module Structure

Below is a screenshot of part of an article explaining how to access the example Python module, for which they provide the following line:


I'd like to know if the following methods below are equivalent and accomplish the same thing:

from import dataset

from my_model import training.dataset

enter image description here

I have a library where I've been accumulating all of my .py files over time. I'm trying to organize it into something more.. neat but I'm having trouble deciding how to do that.

The library (or rather, the folder I'm dumping everything in) is meant to be just a collection of independent modules, but some of the modules have cross dependencies.. It'd be easier if I had a systematic way to group functions/classes within certain files ie modules. Should they be grouped by purpose?

keep in mind these aren't even packages for projects, they are the building blocks for other packages; just my own personal collection of classes and functions but starting to get hard to manage. so i could use some advice


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