Is UserInterfaceOnly=True setting now Saved with the workbook? (Wb.Protect Method)

It was known that UserInterfaceOnly:=True setting was not saved with the workbook. So every time a Wb was opened, the Worksheet.Protect method had to be used with UserInterfaceOnly set to True in order to enable vba to write to the protected cells without raising an error.

Now, in the office vba language reference for Excel dated 01/22/2022, Microsoft states that in Previous Versions the UserInterfaceOnly was not saved, thus giving the idea that (finally) in latest versions this setting should now be saved with the workbook (See image below).

MS Excel vba language Ref

If this is the case, then there should be no need to set it again every time the Wb is Opened.

Does anyone know what Microsoft means by Previous Versions? And is this setting is now saved, this new behavior is starting on what version?

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