is there a clean way to run a nextflow (dsl2 based) sub-workflow on a single node?

i have a pipeline defined in a sub-workflow:

workflow pipeline{


that gets called by the main-workflow for different inputs:

workflow{ = "$baseDir/input"

    input_ch = Channel.fromPath( + "/*.*")


its easy to add a label to process to define its resources. what i want to do is add such a label to my (whole) subworkflow. they label is supposed to force the subworkflow to execute as a if it was a single process (meaning that it does not invoke a new slurm call for all processes but only per subworkflow) like:

                - pipeline for input 1 on node 1 as one slurmjob
                - pipeline for input 2 on node 2 as one slurmjob
- main:                                                                 - collect all the outputs

                - pipeline for input n on node n as one slurmjob

i did as above by calling nextflow inside of nextflow:

process nextflowofnextflows {
    label 'use_whatever_is_needed'

    file input1

    path("$out/*.*", emit: output)

    nextflow run --in=${input1}


... - but this is super unclean and i´d like to to it in a clean way.

whats the best practice to achieve the described behavior?

best, t.

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