Enable Auto-scrolling LazyColumn to the bottom when reverseLayout = false

I have a LazyColumn holding some Items. I listen a Flow from Room and everything works great when reverseLayout = true. When new Item get inserted into the database, the LazyColumn scrolls to the bottom and shows last Item just fine. But reverseLayout = true inverts the headers too. So I disabled it with reverseLayout = false. This does not work in that when Item get inserted, it is shown on the list but the list does not get scrolled to show the bottom item. I have to manually scroll.

How can I scroll to the bottom Item when the LazyColumn get recomposed on items change?

I don't think I need to put the code since the problem happens with any use of LazyColumn but if that is important let me know and I can redact the code and post them!

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 10:28 Thracian

    In a messaging app i scroll to bottom using size of items and LazyListState


    coroutineScope.launch {
        scrollState.animateScrollToItem(messages.size - 1)

    and whenever user inputs a message it gets added to

     val messages = remember { mutableStateListOf<ChatMessage>() }

    you can call scroll in a LaunchedEffect(messages.size){...} for it to be invoked only when recomposition happens and item count has changed

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