How to Flat Nested Json using Nifi without Using JOLT

Is there any Processor which can flatten , Nested Json Using Nifi.

I have tried using FattenJson Processor.But its not giving Expected Record.

enter image description here

Input :

{ "header": { 
"messageId": "111" },
"security": {"Identifier": "123~NCA~FCAD",
 "businessDate": "2022-03-07",
"UIIdentifier": [{
"sourceCode": "NA"
}, {
"sourceCode": "NA-NA"} 
"Classification": [{
"sourceCode": "aaa", 
"ClassificationCode": "ObjectType"

Output :


Expected OutPut like below:

"header.messageId": "111",
"security.Identifier": "123~NCA~FCAD",
"security.businessDate": "2022-03-07",
"security.UIIdentifier.sourceCode": "NA",
"security.UIIdentifier.sedol1Identifier": {},
"security.Classification.sourceCode": "aaa"

1 answer

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