PLSQL / ORACLE merge on subquery to right filter

I am trying to merge a subquery to the relevenat column

the client has 2 categories of stock UK1 / UK2 & 2 product groups standard / dbl per each category of stock

I want the receipts to come through from the transactions but go against the relevant type & group however at the minute it is going against all types rather than the one that is needed

the transactions dont have the same group / type identifiers on there so i need to join it some how, i have tried various options but no luck so any advice would be great

    s.client_id as ClientID,
    s.user_def_type_1 as ZType,
    s.product_group as PGroup,
    count(distinct(i.tag_id)) as Tags,
        inventory_transaction it
        it.code = 'Receipt' and 
        it.client_id = s.client_id and 
        it.dstamp > (sysdate -7)
    ) as Receipts
    sku s
inner join 
    inventory i on s.sku_id = i.sku_id and s.client_id = i.client_id
    s.client_id = 'CLIENTNAME'
group by

DATA Preview

any help would be appreciated for a simpler way of doing this as im sure there is

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