Need to stress test an Angular application with weird login

I've been asked to perform a load test on an existing angular application I haven't wrote myself. I've tried using Jmeter but after some digging I've discovered that the login form doesn't perform any real check on any source but just a match on entered username / password.

Passing on that thing, that's not the scope of this question... I've seen that those informations are stored inside a localstorage on browser, but Jmeter not beign a browser doesn't read them. Is there any other tool I can use to call 5-10 times a page, evenutally perform the login (I don't have any particilular url for the login phase) (maybe looking at the page content) and then perform the log on the page?



Hello, I've discorvered that I can call the API even if I'm not logged so this discussion can be closed


1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 10:38 Dmitri T

    If "login" doesn't trigger any HTTP Request - there is no need to simulate it with JMeter, just proceed with the following steps. However I would suggest double checking this using browser developer tools or recording the login process using JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder or JMeter Chrome Extension

    The approach to validate credentials against local storage is kind of strange because if you launch another browser (or the same browser in incognito mode) the local storage will be empty and there won't be any credentials there.

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