How to find out the allocation ID for a Front End Interface from within it?

I am implementing a Front End Device in Java for Redhawk 2.3.0.

When the device is brought up for the first time after a reboot, it needs a specific sequence of commands to be sent to it to bring it up, involving also setting some user settable values to default values.

I want to set these values via the interfaces own setX(id, value) functions so that the internal Redhawk state matches the state of the tuner, but I can't see how I can know in the interface class what the id String was set to by whatever allocated the unit.

My other option is to read the device state within the getX(id) function, and update the X property if it differs from the devices true state BUT this leads to the side effect of the X property potentially firing a signal that it has been updated during the call to getX, which sounds like terrible practice.

What should I be doing here?

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