how to enable transport wide congestion control in gstreamer

I am developing an application that streams h264 video with gstreamer using RTP and RTCP in c++. The video stream is successfully received and both the sender and receiver is generating SR/RR RTCP packets. My next goal was to utilize twcc (transport wide congestion control) for bandwidth management, which should be supported in gstreamer since version 1.18. I can not however figure out to enable this feature. My pipeline looks similar to this:

appsrc ! videoconvert ! h264enc ! rtph264pay ! rtpbin ! udpsink -> udpsrc ! rtpbin ! rtph264depay ! avdec_h264 ! videoconvert ! autovideosink

The rtpbin also has the appropriate RTCP pad links with its own udpsrc and udpsink on both sender and receiver side (not shown here).

As i understand twcc i need to set the appropriate rtp header extension, but i cannot figure out how to do that using gstreamer. I am also unsure how to make the recevier side send back the correct rtcp packets so that i can read the twcc-stats on the sender side.

Does anyone have an example on how i would make my gstreamer pipeline start using twcc?

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