c program doesn't takes "space" as input to show the acsii code

The program shows output for all other characters instead of space. When I enter "space" it doesn't do anything and just waits.


int main(){
    char c;
        printf("Enter character:");
        scanf("\n%c", &c);
        if (c == 27 )break;
        printf("ascii value:%d\n", c);

    return 0;

The output for all other character comes fine.

Enter character:r
ascii value:114
Enter character:e
ascii value:101
Enter character:c
ascii value:99
Enter character:p
ascii value:112
Enter character:^[

I don't understand what's going on!

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 10:54 chux - Reinstate Monica

    When I enter "space" it doesn't do anything and just waits.

    scanf("\n%c", &c); does not mean read a line-feed, then a character.
    Instead "\n%c" means to read any number of white-spaces like '\n', space, tab, .... and then read a character.

    OP's code is stuck reading white-spaces.

    Instead, read a line. Below has minimal testing and only pays attention to the first char in a line of input.

    // scanf("\n%c", &c);
    char buf[80];
    if (fgets(buf, sizeof buf, stdin) == NULL) {
      fprintf(stderr, "Input is closed\n");
      return -1;
    c = buf[0];

    Remember the Enter is a char too.

    To read the escape character, other input functions may be needed.

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