Extract timeseries from TSDB Prometheus 2.0 files using Python

[EDIT]: I found a package that does exactly what I want to do but it is written in Go : https://github.com/ryotarai/prometheus-tsdb-dump

I have a s3 bucket where my system metrics data are stored following the Prometheus 2.0 format like presented here https://thanos.io/tip/thanos/design.md/#metric-sources.

My goal is to "parse" back this compressed data into an understandable format (say json for example with keys timestamp, value, metric...) using python in order to perform timeseries analysis.

I understand that the data are compressed in such a way that querying them would be quick and optimal using PromQL via Thanos, but I could not find anything similar to my use case (even though there is a documentation on the data format I am trying to read here https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/tree/main/tsdb/docs/format, I do not fully understand how to parse the index and chunks files..)

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