cloud-build + gke-deploy app name or label are ignored

I have this config on a cloudbuild.yaml file:

- name: ''
  - run
  - --app=doc-io
  - --namespace=frontend
  - --cluster=cluster-dev
  - --location=europe-west1-b
  - --version=dev-${SHORT_SHA}

But this creates a new workload in GKE named "docs-io" instead of deploying my latest docker image to the existing workload "doc-io".

No matter what I do on the cloud-build side, even with adding the env variables _K8S_APP_NAME or _K8S_LABELS directly in cloud-build config - it creates a new workload on GKE named docs-io.

I haven't been able to find anywhere what is the default "workloads" name taken by cloud-build or gke-deploy nor how to override it.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Any clue how to indicate where the docker deployment has to happen?

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