Why does decrypting modified AES-CBC ciphertext fail decryption?

I am trying to get familiar with encryption/decryption. I am using deno as it supports the web crypto API.

I can encrypt and decrypt to get back the original plaintext using AES-CBC.

What I am now doing now is to encrypt, then manually modify the ciphertext and then decrypt. My expectation is that this would still work since I understand that AES-CBC does not provide integrity and authenticity check. (AES-GCM is the one that is AEAD)

But when I modify the cipher text and try to decrypt, it fails with the following error:

error: Uncaught (in promise) OperationError: Decryption failed
let deCryptedPlaintext = await window.crypto.subtle.decrypt(param, key, asByteArray);
    at async SubtleCrypto.decrypt (deno:ext/crypto/00_crypto.js:598:29)
    at async file:///Users/me/delete/run.js:33:26

Does AES-CBC also have integrity checks? Or why is the decryption failing?

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