How to list all the IAM roles that include a given permission in GCP

After discovering that a user (principal) needs an additional permission to perform a task, I would like to know what standard roles include that permission so I can add the role to the user. I would also like to know what other permissions each of those roles provide so I can select the one with permissions that match the user's needs. I am not able to use custom roles, and I am avoiding the basic roles as they are too wide.

At present, I am using I search for the permission, then scroll up to the see the role name and all the other permissions in that role.

It works but is slow for what must be a common task.

Is there a better web page or a gcloud api command that would work better.

1 answer

  • answered 2022-05-04 22:28 jccampanero

    The GCP documentation offers a (huge) page that allows you to identify the different roles that grant them.

    In addition to the page you cited you can later, using the gcloud CLI, describe a role and see the different permissions it grants. For example:

    gcloud iam roles describe roles/iam.roleViewer

    The command will output:

    description: Read access to all custom roles in the project.
    etag: AA==
    - iam.roles.get
    - iam.roles.list
    - resourcemanager.projects.get
    - resourcemanager.projects.getIamPolicy
    name: roles/iam.roleViewer
    stage: GA
    title: Role Viewer

    AFAIK, the gcloud CLI doesn't give you the opportunity to, given a certain permission, get the roles that grant it.

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